A Fun, Festive, Flamboyant VEDIC FAIR 4, was held at Seven Lakes High School, 9251 South Fry Road, Katy TX 77494. VEDIC FAIR is a complete family event to experience Indian Culture. Preparations for this Fair have started since November 2014 and in 1 week VEDIC FAIR promises to bring this festive entertaining cultural event to Greater Houston. Last year’s fair was attended by 2500+ Houstonians. .

This year VEDIC FAIR 4 brought the story of KRISHNA – THE BLUE MAN a mega stage play with 50+ Houston artists. Ashirwad’s Creative Team {ACT} presented Gorgeous Goloka Diorama of Lord Krishna’s transcendental abode decorated with 1000 peacock feathers along with live ravishing Radha Krishna and Kool Blue – Ice Krishna. VEDIC FAIR 4 also featured INDIA Exhibit Presentations, one stop to know Bharath (India), Cooking Competiton, Explore 2 Enjoy “How 2 Workshops” on Yoga, Meditation, Rangoli Art, Henna Tattoos, Classical Dance, Classical Music, Dandiya Dance, Bhangra Dance, Take Selfie in Saree Styles, Dhoti, Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

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