Holy cow! Vishwa Hindu Parishad launches product line

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has launched a line of beauty products containing cow dung and gaumutra (cow urine). Ayurvedic grantha (Ayurvedic texts) have mentioned the benefits of cow dung and gaumutra. The VHP, while stressing on the medicinal value of cow dung and cow urine, also claimed that their products were superior to the ones available in the market currently. The products include Nandini beauty soap (aloe vera, almond oil and gaumutra), LalDant Manjan (pudinaka phool, Babool Chhal), Harde Churna laxative (harde soaked in fresh gaumutra), Snannadi Vilayan bathing liquid (gaumutra arka, gaumaya bhasma), Nandini skin cream (gaumutra rasa, gaumaya rasa, yellow beeswax) and Nandini dhoop sticks (cow dung, and various herbs). They make 48 medicines and have taken eight international patents so far. The VHP had appealed to the people to invest in the products, so that gaumutra becomes popular.

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