Indian medicine practitioners to get bar-coded certificates

The Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council/ Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine has urged all qualified Siddha, Ayurveda, Unani, Naturopathy and Yoga practitioners to get the 2D barcoded registration certificate and identity card on or before March 31, 2015.
The state government has been issuing registration certificates with 2D barcode since April 1, 2014 to check the prevalence of quacks. Yet, many of the eligible Indian medicine practitioners across the state are yet get the registration certificate and ID card.

The mushrooming of quacks prompted former chief minister J Jayalalithaa in May 2013 to order the Tamil Nadu Siddha Medical Council/ Tamil Nadu Board of Indian Medicine to eliminate bogus certificates issued for BSMS, BAMS, BUMS and BNYS. The issuance of bogus registration certificates and the ID cards to the quacks previously by the council were found. Hence, the council rolled out the new method of issuing bar-coded registration certificate and ID card. Approximately around 1,000 Indian medicine quacks might be practicing across the state and the new system would keep them at bay. In Tamil Nadu, around 4,500 practice Siddha, 1,000 Ayurveda, 500 Unani and 800 naturopathy and yoga. Of them, 2,000 Siddha, 500 Ayurvedha, 240 Unani and 500 naturopathy and yoga practitioners had applied and got the new card. The council also said the practitioners should display the registration certificate in their clinic/ hospital.

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