Jiva Ayurveda seeks global recognition for Ayurveda with diagnostic protocols

New Delhi: Jiva Ayurveda, which runs 80 clinics and hospitals across India, has come out with diagnostic protocols in a bid to get global recognition to the ancient Indian system of medicine.

“The ayurveda industry has long been wanting a set of protocols to transform the age-old healing tradition into a data and evidence driven system of medicine for wider acceptance in the world,” said Jiva Ayurveda Director Madhusudan Chauhan.

Jiva Ayurveda, which created the protocols after analyses of consultation records of two lakh patients its doctors treated over the last decade, has concluded that the practice can be standardized but not treatment as it is personalized.

Unlike allopathy, ayurveda is fundamentally a personalized system of medicine. “Ayurveda is a far more evolved science. Same medicines for same symptoms do not work here. Personalized medicine based on genomics and the ‘systems view’ of human health is only now coming into fashion in allopathy, while ayurveda is built around these very concepts,” he said.

Yet, ayurveda is not accepted as a medical science in many countries as the scientific community asks for data and evidence — on what basis are the medicines given and how is their effect proven? Chauhan said ayurveda did not have this data and evidence.


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