Kaivalyadhama announces 4 week mentoring program for students

Pune. Kaivalyadhama is all set to commence a 4 week mentoring program for its students, current and past

from 12th June – 10th July, 2016. This four weeks experience will focus on the personal evaluation to

become a better teacher in four key areas: knowledge of the yoga practices, improving interpersonal

skills, learning different lineages of yoga and leadership in the classroom. Experts from Yoga world and HR space will be conducting this course.

Soft Skills Workshops

The Module is specifically designed to motivate, empower and equip the participant to be that Dynamic,

Charismatic and Inspiring person, who has a way of being remembered by leaving a positive lasting

impact on the personal and professional lives of people he/she interacts and works with. The module is

a fun centric, self-realizing, experiential approach to learning, which develops the Personal and

Professional Effectiveness of the participant and provides a technology to work efficiently in a group and

with individuals, thereby accelerating the personal growth for the participant.


The curriculum is “teaching practice” intensive and will aim at teaching students the following:

• Learning by experience and critical thinking rather than remembering given formulas (each student

will teach 6 x 1-hr classes)

• Teaching individual student in the group rather than the group

• Ways of making classes interesting for students

• Working with different profiles of groups (age group, gym, yoga studio, apartment building, corporate,

university, private, disability)

• Experience other schools of yoga and understand Kaivalyadhama classical yoga

• Conducting workshops and seminars

• Meditation techniques

• Making effective presentations

• How to incorporate yoga philosophy and sutras into asana class?

• Creating presentations – two 15 minutes and one 30 minutes

• Speaking 10 minutes ad hoc on given subject


Teaching yoga skills:

• How to teach asanas

• How to modify asanas according to body types and body limits

• How to teach pranayama

• How to teach kriyas

• How to teach yogic meditation

• Preparing 1 hr lesson plan

• Using correct English instructions (applied in practicals)

• Yogic counseling for teachers

• Philosophical integration in asana class

• Counseling

• Code of conduct

• What makes great teacher?

Module Objectives

• Develop critical thinking skills

• Sensitising to the importance of developing effective communication as a key to professional


• Equipping with the necessary skills, techniques and ideas to enhance communication skills.

• Understand the difference in perspectives and perception.

• Develop ability to deal with difficult people

• Being a factual, fearless and effective communicator & presenter.

• Understanding impact of Emotions on Personal & Professional effectiveness

• Building Bridges and Influencing people in a group

• Learning to share opinions, disagreeing constructively and building consensus

Module Design

 Four Sessions of 5 hours each per batch spread over 4 weeks ( one session per week)

 The Module will be an enriching and exciting mix of games, discussions, questionnaires, role

plays, group discussions, presentations and activities to unleash a creative approach to

enhancing communication and interpersonal skills.

• Learn how to teach yogic techniques

• Intensive supervised Teaching experience.

• What makes a good yoga teacher

• Learning about yoga counselling

• Integrating yoga sutras into asana class

• Build lasting relationships with your students and motivate them

• Create interesting classes for different groups i.e. corporate, fitness centres, wellness resorts,

hospitals, children, handicapped different age groups.

• Learn to make effective presentations with two presentations per student

• Knowledge of other lineages of yoga and how they differ from Kaivalyadhama.


 Course open for current Yoga students and our alumni.

 Admission will be based on responses to the questions in the registration form that may be

followed by interview.

 Intake Capacity – 20

 Fees – Rs. 25,000 (Includes twin sharing accommodation and meals)

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