Kerala is all set to host The Grand Kerala Ayurveda Fair(GRAF) as a part of GAF III (January 29-

February 2, 2016) .Known as a preserver of authentic ayurveda, the written contributions by

Kerala with clinically supportive contents, commentaries of classical texts, treatment methods

and effective formulations are commendable. The state had played an important role in

positioning our tradition globally.

GRAF will be a two week celebration starting from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasargod. It aims at

bringing together every local Ayurveda institutions to highlight their strength and the regional

excellences through activities of their choice. GAF III will see participation of politicians, local

members of prominent Ayurveda associations, industry representatives, college students,

teachers, practitioners and important citizens of the area. It aims at bridging the gap between

this great tradition of ours and the global community, eagerly waiting for knowledge, care,

products and collaborations. The Grand Kerala Ayurveda Fair, planned as part of GAF III, is to

show multiple and best options to the seekers. It is also a show of our strength.

The GRAF will cover 14 districts in 14 days. The main highlights of GAF’16 will be the awareness

camps, processions, solidarity meets, cultural events, exhibition, seminars, workshops,

Health/wellness tourism promotion and medical camp that will focus on Women’s health issues

in tune with the central theme of Global Ayurveda Festival. Local clinical experts and

institutions will offer their services and products, the local Ayurveda students guided by these

experts will educate the public on the role of Ayurveda in women’s health.

AYURVED SUTRA is official Magazine partner of  GAF’16.

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