Tourism between Japan and Sri Lanka will be developed with special emphasis on Ayurveda. Vast resources usually not seen in other countries are available in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan Ayurveda system is popular among the Japanese people. Japanese tourists to Sri Lanka had increased from 10,000 to 20,000 and most tourists are significantly women and children.

Action had been taken by Japan in response to a request made by Minister Rajapaksa during his last visit to Japan, to send Japanese investors to Sri Lanka. Japan is ready to contribute towards building capacity of local tourist guides by providing training and knowledge of experienced tourist guides in Japan. A group of Japanese parliamentarians arrived in Sri Lanka to explore the possibility of promoting tourism between the two countries through the indigenous Ayurveda medical treatment system.

A Japanese newspaper had named Sri Lanka as the number one among countries for tourism.

The launch of an Ayurveda centre in Bled, which annually hosts the Bled Strategic Forum and has initiated the Bled Film Festival, is expected to boost awareness of Ayurveda and its efficacy more widely across the world, as the little town hosts dignitaries and travelers from over a hundred nations every year.

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