The Telangana forest department is planning  a scientific programme for conservation and sustainable use of medicinal plants at the Ananthagiri forest.This area was selected for conservation of medicinal plants by the National Medicinal Plants Board in for three years from 2002-05. According to Deccan Chronicle, P. Srilakshmi, district forest officer, Anantagiri, said, “Most of the medicinal plants exist in the wild. Due to the increasing demands for medicinal plants, their survival in the natural habitats is under threat.”

A majority of the rural population in the area depends on traditional medicines and it is important to focus on medicinal plants conservation.

“To assess the medicinal plants, a team comprising taxovnomist, local health practitioners, researchers, and forest department officials will be set up. The team should work in a time-bound manner. The entire area shall be closed from external stressors like grazing and fire,” Ms Srilaxmi added. ( Source :


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