Rejuvenation scheme for Hemiplegics, launched by the health department at the District Ayurveda Hospital on August 4, 2014, in its second phase, has treated 42 hemiplegics across the district, in addition to patients from Wayanad and Kannur districts.

The scheme was introduced by the health department last year in Kottayam and Kozhikode districts in a bid to ensure better treatment for ailing hemiplegics. The comprehensive scheme, which is aimed at treating bedridden hemiplegics, envisages various ayurveda treatments, including Panchakarma, Kizhi, Nasyam and Shirodhara, along with application of various ayurvedic medicines. The services of two therapists, one male and one female, are also available at the hospital. The deserved patients, in each phase, are identified through the screening camp held at the District Ayurvedic Hospital. The beneficiaries are also referred to from the taluk hospitals and ayurvedic dispensaries across the district. In each batch, 10 patients are admitted to the hospital to ensure better care. The batch is replaced by another after a treatment of one month. The beneficiaries are provided with requisite services, including medicines and therapy, as per the requirements, in addition to monthly checkups.

Taking a cue from the good response it evoked in the first two phases, the ayurveda department authorities are all set to launch the third phase. The third phase will be launched in the beginning of the 2015‐2016 financial year.

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