SMPB, AMMOI carve out strategy to resolve issues in medicinal plants sector in Kerala

The State Medicinal Plant Board (SMPB) in Kerala and the Ayurveda Medicine Manufacturers of India (AMMOI) have together carved out a business strategy to resolve the burning issues prevailing in the medicinal plant sector in Kerala.

MoUs were signed between the farmers and the Ayush cluster. 12 cultivators of medicinal plants, 10 from Kerala and 2 from Maharashtra signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Care Keralam in the presence of SMPB officials and Ayurveda medicine manufacturers.  The two factors, remunerative prices and availability, were the burning issues stood unresolved in the medicinal plant industry till date.

Chennai based Centre for Traditional Medicines and Research (CTMR), an NGO engaged in giving training to growers of herbs and natural plants, has expressed interest to assist Kerala State Medicinal Plant Board and the medicinal plants industry with their technical and scientific expertise.

According to them, a proper demand and supply assessment should be on yearly basis by SMBP with the support of some agency. CTMR is also ready to carry out the demand and supply study of medicinal plants for the Ayurveda industry in Kerala.

Not all plants will grow in all regions. So a proper list of potential growers, a report of land holdings of the farmers and a land suitability pattern should be maintained. The issue of market price can be resolved by mutual understanding between farmers group and industry association. If any violation of the agreement is found on either side, it can be dealt with by arbitration by SMPB.

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