Indika Sri Aravinda reported for The Sunday Leader, Srilanka:
The Ayurveda Department is to seek permission from the Court to obtain marijuana directly after it is seized by the Police.
Ganja stocks seized by the Police and the Special Task Force are often destroyed.
However the Commissioner General of the Department of Ayurveda, Palitha Weerakoon says the stocks can be used for medicinal purposes.
Weerakoon told The Sunday Leader, that the Department is looking at seeking Court approval to let it obtain the ganja seized from suspects to be used as medicine as the Department is short of quality products.
He added, “The Court sends the sample stocks of confiscated ganja to the Department to be used for medicine. However by the time these stocks reach us, the quality of the product is lost and cannot be used productively as we need it fresh”.
He added that ganja is being used to manufacture 60 types of local drugs and the Department has distributed about 159 kg of ganja received through the Court to Ayurvedic doctors. Weerakoon noted that that there are 15,000 Ayurvedic doctors and 200 Ayurvedic medicine manufacturers in Sri Lanka.
According to him, the Department does not have enough ganja stocks to carry out research and so they could make good use of the stocks that are being destroyed. (The Sunday Leader, Srilanka/2 February14)

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