“Commercialization itself is not bad if it is done on specific parameters and without compromising the core ethics. What is wrong if someone makes money out of YOGA?” Dr HR Nagendra decodes Wellness tourism in special issue of AYURVED SUTRA which is out with top 11 wellness destinations ranking.

Wellness Tourism is buzzword now and consumers are becoming more attuned to importance of top to the importance and value of green, eco,sustainable and organic practices and products. These should become more of a norm than an exception in wellness facilities, and the products and services should merit the label. Ayurved Sutra Wellness Tourism Issue ( Vol.5 Issue 9-10) discusses all the relevant questions related to it. 11 top wellness destinations of India are selected and ranking is done with the help of LiiFii.in .  Along with Top wellness trends 2020 based on an industry report , the issue covers north east India , Sikkim,Sri lanka and Nepal in a special section.  Kerala Tourism minister Kadampally Surendran also shares plan to revive Kerala Tourism after floods.


Expert Vinod Verma writes,with the popularity of Ayurveda during the last two decades, there has been mushrooming of the wellness centres in the West as well as in India and Sri Lanka. However, they really do not represent the true essence of Ayurveda. Nevertheless, they help in providing solace to the stressed people through fundamental yogic and Ayurvedic methods which are used in such centres like massages, vapour baths, mud baths, oil anointment, pranayama, yoga asanas, etc. It is more important to add the basic knowledge of mindful living.

This issue marked as REJUVENATION DOUBLE ISSUE is being released this week. Copies could be booked through simple mail to info@ayurvedsutra.com or whatsapp +91 9549191222 . Ayurved Sutra is always trying to blend research and applied science of life is running its fifth year of publishing.

  • Raghav Keerti, Wellness Communicator

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