Entertaining the Immutable

Always remember, to follow Ayurvedic principles, you don’t need to reject modern life or live in a grass hut or on a deserted island.

Human beings are the only form of living in the world that is privileged to enjoy the beauty of entertainment. It is said that our souls take 84 lakh births in various forms of life before being born as humans. This means we have just one life now to enjoy and then wait for another eon spanning 8,400,000 generations of approximately 70 years each.

Unfortunately, with the fast-paced modern life we are leading today, we have largely alienated ourselves from true enjoyment. The modern civilisation has made great strides in providing material comfort to the human being. But along with the good things also come the bad things. Stress is one such by-product of the modern life. Mental stress today is the worst enemy of human health and well-being. It is deadlier than the deadliest disease as it affects the mind and emotions which control the whole body.

Time is a precious commodity for people today, a lack of which is a contributing factor to increasing stress. We all seem to be hankering after things that we do not possess. In the process, paradoxically enough, we do not get time to enjoy even things that we possess! To illustrate, let me talk about the poor, super-busy man who was fond of music and often listened to music while he was away from home—in the car, bus and train; inside the bank and in office. Finally, he got some money. But, thanks to his busy schedule, he never got the chance to listen to his own home theatre that he bought full one month back!


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