A friend once asked the renowned Irish-Australian nurses Sister Elizabeth Kenny how she managed to stay constantly cheerful. Sister Kenny replied: “As a girl I would often lose my temper. But one day when I became angry with a friend over a trivial matter, my mother gave me the sound advice that I always remember. She said anyone who angers you actually conquers you.”

It happened in a street in China, two persons were quarreling and a crowd gathered to watch. People everywhere enjoy watching such scenes. They may be on for some serious business but when they see people quarreling, they forget their work and start watching. Violence has such a great appeal. That is why all the violence, the blood and gore on television sells like hot cakes.

Well coming back to the story, one of the Chinese men was rather provoked and spat on the other person. Within minutes, the crowd of watchers dispersed. In China, they believe that the person who spits on the other person first shows his weakness, because he gets provoked in a quarrel means that the other has been successful in conquering you. He has aroused some poison of anger in you, compelling you to spit. And the anger ultimately hurts the person who is possessed by it; the receiver of the anger may not really get so much hurt.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 324copy

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