Searching for Happiness

We change partners, move house, watch different films, read many books, go on holidays, and so on. But we always remain hankering for something more. At no point do we stop and say, “That’s it, I’m happy now.” The Vedas therefore urge us to take our happiness seriously-to be inquisitive as to why, in spite of so much endeavour, we remain dissatisfied.

Do you sometimes feel that no matter how hard you try you just cannot find fulfillment? That despite your best efforts to be happy you somehow end up suffering? Does it sometimes seem that everyone is enjoying life except you? All those films and magazines depicting happy lifestyles you can’t seem to find?

If your answer is “yes”, relax. You are quite normal. At least according to the Vedas, the world’s oldest writings. These ancient texts explain that we can never be satisfied by any amount of bodily pleasure.


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