We lack faith in our science

India is losing its readership. What was the aim of writing books on Ayurveda?

Writing books on Ayurveda was basically for a lay man to understand what Ayurveda is all about and the service techniques that Ayurveda offers.

Ayurveda! India’s traditional science was literally dying, so much so that the people of this country even didn’t know that India had such a great treasure.

Belonging to a family that was in researching, developing and propagating the science in way of manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines made me venture into the service aspect of this science by setting up Kairali Ayurvedic Centre way back in 1989 to revive and bring back the glory of Ayurveda for the benefit of mankind.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 724 copy

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