Why NOT to opt for Panchakarma at so-called Spa!

Given the buzz around alternative health systems and the boom in medical tourism, ayurvedic spas offering dubious Ayurveda massages & therapies are mushrooming all over the country.

With the rising awareness about Ayurveda’s health benefits people are more misguided with the emerging Spa system which promote massage as Panchakarma.

A massage in Ayurveda can be medical or wellness depending on how the therapist applies the method, what type of individual is receiving the treatment, what oil is used and how often the therapy is done. There are very specific protocols in Ayurveda. Unfortunately these protocols are not taught to spa therapists, most of the time they are not even aware that a therapy they are performing can actually have the opposite effect if applied to the wrong person at the wrong time without observing the correct protocol.



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