Thought-based technology (meditation) combined with organic farming method involves creating the awareness of being the subtle conscious being and directing pure energy from the Divine Source to the crops.

Balasaheb owned 11 acres of farm land. Originally he was using fertilisers and chemicals on it as he was convinced that it was not possible to grow a crop without them. Then he had an inspiration! With the support of the Brahma Kumari centre, they started to have yoga every morning and evening at his farm. Now 250 other farmers have seen the positive impact on the crops and have joined him.

Some farmers belonging to the Rajyoga Education and Research Foundation & Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya decided to undertake experiments on their farm using their daily meditation practice in their daily life. The meditation involves creating the awareness of being the subtle conscious being rather than the physical body and then directing thought energy (peace, love and power) from the Divine Source to the crops. As Rajyogis say, they began to find many benefits

such as increased resilience against pests, increased nutritional content of crop. They found they had a more positive state of mind, improved family relationships and higher state of self motivation and enthusiasm for life. According to Brahma Kumari sources, over the last two years, Italy, Greece and South Africa are amongst some of countries where these techniques are being experimented with.


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