The power of associations is often reflected in our lives, but their integration is seamless to an extent that we often don’t realize while making one. The symbol of an apple reminds us more of the technological giant than the fruit itself. The colour orange is defined interchangeably by the fruit which shares its name. To most Indian kids Persia is about ‘Prince of Persia’, a video game .Now if this is a desirable trait or otherwise is a topic worth introspection. But more importantly, the truth remains that these associations unfold in the most subconscious and unintentional of manners and their existence is undeniable. The focal point here is that how we perceive an environment and how it impacts our brain in reality may not resonate at all times. In simple words, what we presume to be constructive may not be so and vice versa. To elaborate, we tend to cover children with layers of clothing and cosmetics with the motive of protecting them from the ‘dirty outside’ that envelops us today. Ironically, in a study it has been proved that children who are left to interact with the environment and are exposed to the various micro-organisms through activities such as building a castle of sand are not losing but gaining immunity against various allergies and diseases. This very concept is mirrored in the vast universe of video gaming. Yes, it is a universe in itself if one considers the time a human spends with a gaming console on an average. An instance of the same lies in the fact that more than 68,000 “human years” had been spent playing ‘Call Of Duty: Black Ops” within a few months of its release.


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