Everybody wants love in their life. One of the ways to enhance love and happiness in our life is through relationships. When we are in love and our relations are healthy, a love energy flows around us which make us happy and a happy person can live a long and healthy life. One of the most important of the relationships in our life is with our life partner. Now the question arises how to find Mr or Mrs Right for us. There are many ways of looking at the compatibility between two persons. Ayurveda comes with the different approach. It believes that body constitution plays an important role in the compatibility of your relationships.

Charak and Sushruta (scholars of Ayurveda) have described the body constitution in detail. There are three bio-regulating principles — vata, pitta, and kapha, which form basic human character and predominance of either of these factors we have a different prakriti — vata type, pitta type and, kapha type. Every prakriti has a predominance of one of the mahabhutas like vata has vayu and ether, pitta has agni, and kaphaj has water and ether.
During a lifetime, the prakriti does not change fundamentally, i.e., vata prakriti person can never be changed in to pita prakriti or kaphaj prakriti or vice versa. So, if you know your prakriti, you make a balance in your life and in relation because the personal balance is more important for a good relation.


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