The time has come when the scientist and the mystic can come together and contribute to the creation of a New Man. Such a man is a whole man, an undivided man, who lives a rich life on earth and is also richer within.

Osho wants a Buddha to be a scientist and scientist to be a Buddha: I would like you to be enriched by Newton, Edison, Eddington, Rutherford, Einstein; and I would like you also to be enriched by Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed.

There is a great news about a new research that a team of scientists, in a virtual computer experiment, have discovered ‘information strings’ with peculiar properties, which are needed to control cell metabolism and provide the cell with instructions about how to divide and are essential for creating more advanced artificial life.

It is the job of the scientist to use his intelligence to enrich life in the outer world, provide all the technological comforts for the physical existence of human beings on earth. The scientist has been doing his job for many centuries has lived up to that expectation. The science has created comforts on earth which go beyond the imagination about paradise or heaven. We are witnessing a magical world created by the scientist and we are enjoying it.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 728 copy

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