The crestfallen man would narrate his plight to every person he met. People got so bored with his sob story that they started avoiding him. If he visited any friend, he would be asked, “What can we give you. We know that you can’t take wheat.”

This is the story of a middle-aged journalist. He was fond of his evening drink, mostly Old Monk rum. Along with drinks he would munch hot and fried snacks. Everything was hunky dory till it spoiled his morning regimen of toilet visits; not only his visits increased but he was unable to do any serious reading or writing which was his staple intellectual diet. The journalist then consulted his family physician who prescribed standard antibiotics that gave him temporary relief and continued with his daily schedules. This continued for some years. One day, a friend advised him to visit a gastroenterologist. The doctor told him to drop wheat and allied products from his meals. This meant giving up chapati, parantha, poori, halwa, samosa and even his favourite golgappas. Life became miserable but his mornings became tension free.

The journalist reported the development to the doctor who pronounced that he was allergic to gluten. It’s a starch found in wheat which upsets the belly. He immediately dropped wheat from his meals and bowel cycle became peaceful. But he still remained restless. The man would detest his friends when he saw them enjoying wheat products while he had to feed on rice, maize, bajra, gram. He felt he was on a chessboard where his every move was being checked.



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