Doctor, Love And Medicine

Man is a subjective being. If the patient loves the doctor, then water can function as medicine. And if the patient hates the doctor, then no medicine can help. Medicine will have to understand man’s subjectivity, his love, and will have to create some kind of synthesis in which love and medicine together are used to help people.

I used to know a man whose wife came to me, saying, “You have to come to my house  because my husband will not listen to anybody except you. We have tried our best. He has been sick for almost two weeks and we think something is seriously wrong. He’s becoming weaker and weaker, but he is not ready to go to a doctor. And he is not ready even to say why he’s not willing to go the doctor.”

I went. I told everybody to go out of the room and I closed the door. I asked the man, “What is the matter? Why are you avoiding the doctor? If there is any problem, just tell me.”


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