Nature has it all, an undeniable truth, which we all had been axiomatically ignoring. Shedding away our stoic indifference towards Nature and to relive ataraxia, Ayurved Sutra stole two days from the busy schedules of 14 Bloggers and organized a Wellness Bloggers Meet at NIMBA Nature Cure, Mehsana, Ahmedabad on August 30-31st, 2016.

As we stepped out of the airport, I knew the Meet will let the Bloggers explore the pathways to their own metamorphosis physical, mental and spiritual and not just one of these. Unlike my expectations, the weather was pleasant; the journey to our destination NIMBA was simply exhilarating. Drops of rain and the euphoric wind greeted us. The roads were clean and huge. The uninterrupted sojourn to our destination was undoubtedly intoxicating.



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