Over the past two years, a strong inner call has motivated Paula Horan to give up her home and head out on the road to share tools which can help people deal with the strong vibratory shift the earth is currently experiencing.

I learned to look at a person’s body and read it to see where the emotional blocks are stored and then apply pressure at key points or emotional “Gates” derived from acupuncture.

As a child, I was a very shy and would often stay home and read books.  My first spiritual crisis happened at age 13. I became depressed and lost interest in life… I hated school and I just couldn’t fit in. Fortunately my mother took me to a kind counselor who told me that my ruminations about the world were not crazy…that in actual fact, the world is indeed crazy. Just having this reality check saved me. When I was about 20, I read the autobiographies of Mahatma Gandhi and Yogananda. Each of them had faced a similar spiritual crisis at the age of 13. Later I realized that we are all pushed to identify with ego at this point in development, because in normal society, there are no models of how to be real, to come from truth. Because ego is a made up identification created out of illusory thoughts, a young mind senses the lie behind it, and is often frustrated to find very few adults who have even an inkling of this. Later this insight gets clouded over after years of programming and conditioning.


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