Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy and Advanced Yoga Psychology

According to Yoga Psychology, there are three additional levels of development, experience, or being, which are beyond the five primary needs of Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy.

Abraham Maslow introduced a model of developmental psychology that has become extremely well known not only in the field of psychology, but also in management and other human sciences. It describes five developmental stages, which are based on what Maslow calls human needs. Thus, his model is known as Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy. In his later years, he expanded his model to include the higher levels of human experience.
In reading this article it is essential to understand that Yoga has been significantly misunderstood in recent years, leading people to believe that it is a physical exercise program. It is important to know this so that you can openly read about the relationship between Yoga Psychology and Psychology as we usually perceive it, particularly focusing here on Maslow’s model of psychological development. Authentic Yoga, while possibly including bodily work as a foundation, is actually about encountering, examining, exploring, integrating and transcending the many levels, currents and crosscurrents of mind.


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