The Yoga of Laughter and Songs

Mind is full of thoughts, while heart is full of love, compassion and sensitivity. Sometimes heart can act so irrationally that the mind may not understand it.

The USA is the most business-like country which knows not only doing business of mundane things, but also of the spiritual things. Mainly’ the people there know the art of packaging and marketing–it does not matter what it is.

And on the other hand, there’s something childlike or childish about USA. It is up to you whether you call it childlike or childish. In India, we have a system of Yoga which is very spiritual and serious. To most of us in India, the spiritual and the serious mean the same. We are supposed to be serious about our religion and spirituality. Americans are quite opposite. They may not be so serious about spirituality, but they will be very serious about fun and laughter. They have got an American School of Laughter Yoga, and Laughter Online University. They have made laughter a yoga, like Zen and Sufi people have made gibberish a meditation. To us spiritual people in India, such mundane things are not considered meditation.


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