The Strategy Statement

Whatever you read in Ayurved Sutra would have successfully passed the 3-layer test of our quality control system.  We would first check the source of information, its academic and practical depth and, thirdly, how successfully it had been tested on the ground.

Handbook of People and Places, How and Where

We understand that you could be anywhere in the world and still strive to be showered with bliss and peace. Our magazine links you with such people and places and also informs you how to actually materialise your sojourn.

It is a ready to use Handbook for seekers.

It will prove to be a treasure you would cherish to preserve

The maddening speed of the present day world and its pressing engagements sometime do not leave scope for looking around to find out what is best suited for an individual to negotiate past the hurdles of an overburdened daily routine. The magazine also   offers a monthly  online update of practical tips on a variety of dimensions of daily life requirements to remain physically, mentally and emotionally fit.

Tips by experienced and steeped practitioners in their respective fields will converge on the pages of the sister e-magazine. This will ultimately lead to our unique service of Daily Tips for Daily Life.

Himalayan wisdom

Ayurved Sutra  draws its inspiration from the eternal peace and timeless wisdom of the Himalaya and is dedicated to bring peace within and without.

It is a team of people relies on the combined wisdom of Researchers, Acharyas, Vaidyas, authors, creative professionals, journalists, young entrepreneurs  and community members.

Explore with us the pathways to your own metamorphosis— physical, mental and spiritual and not just one of these.

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