Vaidya-verse 12

Dr Bhagwan Dash Vaidya is a traditionally trained Ayurvedic Pundit with an MA in Sanskrit and PhD in Tibetan Medicine. He writes regularly for several medical and scientific journals in India and some of his books have been translated into Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and French. He has translated famous ancient work Charaka-Samhita (a momentous work on Ayurveda) into English, with critical notes and is an authority on all the classical works on Ayurveda.

Dr Vaidya’s professional career spans over 50 years with posts such as consultant to the US library of Congress, consultant to World Health Organization, consultant deputy advisor and senior research officer in the field of Ayurveda, Government of India. He has been visiting professor at the InstitutoItaliano di Ayurveda, Italy, and American University of Complementary Medicine. He still runs consulting practices in New Delhi and gives advice to anybody in need.
Our friend Mr. ShekharMalhotra presented a book of Dr Bhagwan Dash to us and after reading it we met Vaidyaji with our idea of AYURVED SUTRA. He was pleased to know that the very idea of collective Wisdom of East is behind it. We are grateful to him as his treasure is now open to Ayurved Sutra-seekers.  – Editor


Ayurvedsutra - Issue 560

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