Ayurvedic Diet for prevention of Diabetes

We have lost our habits of eating multiple grains, variety of other ingredients and foods in their natural form. Our cuisine used to be natural and healthy and we ate according to space and time (desha and kala). We need

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How Mahatma Gandhi experimented with Unfired Food

  The unlimited capacity of the plant world to sustain man at his highest is a region yet unexplored by modern medical science which through force of habit pins its faith on the shambles or at least milk and its

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You are what you eat

Eating too much processed and refined food and not exercising at all along with stress is causing insulin imbalance,which is leading to diabetes,obesity and insulin resistance.  The diet and lifestyle these days are such that it is causing so many

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Healthy Recipes

“Health is wealth” we have heard about this saying a lot,but in our busy lives we have forgotten the concept of healthy living and healthy eating. Eating a balanced diet impacts our health and immunity in the long run at

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Food and the Mind

Mind and the senses have a very strange and Paradoxical relationship. Mind thinks that if the senses get satisfied then the desires will go away or vanish for ever. But senses are quite weird. Once they taste an ‘experience’, they

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Holy Basil a Divine Hero

Plants and herbs re-establish our connection with the natural world. As we become competent in our understanding of Ayurveda Herbalism we deepen our relationship with ourselves, as well as with the natural world outside. Our relationship with the Earth, through

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Medicated Rice Water

A light to digest rice water preparation that improves digestion, provides nourishment and hydrates the body. Also beneficial for pregnant women. The recipe pacifies all three doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha. Odan is light as to not increase vata,

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Treating your Kids Taste Buds

After completion of 6 months, digestive system of the baby slowly starts developing. Other than mothers milk first morsel of food starts with special ritual by feeding sweet porridge. Subscribe…

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