Ayurvedic Research Work: Shortcomings and Solutions

Any research work becomes valid and widely accepted when it is published in peer review journals. Documentation and publication of research findings is the main issue faced by Ayurveda in the global arena. During last two decades, use of Ayurveda

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Clinical Trials: Need to Change our Ways

Many a times, when we hear the word ‘Research’ we probably create an image of ourselves doing something fascinating, big or discovering or inventing something new. But if we go deeper the definition of this word is hidden in it

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Clinical Trial: Raising Standards of Treatment

Homeopathy is an evidence-based system of medicine, empirical medicine. Here drug proving is done systematically on Healthy human beings and not on lower animals as all drugs are tissue proteins specific. Homoeopathy is a system of medical practice that treats

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Compliance, Claims & Clinical trials

Ayurveda, Unani and Sidhha, drugs will remain a controversial topic. There are two schools of thoughts, one advocates clinical trials in the name of validation of ASU drugs and another say it is a question mark on authenticity of Ayurveda.

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Clinical Trials in Unani Medicine

The core philosophy of Unani medicine was conceptualized by Hippocrates (460-370 BC). The system owes its present form to the Arabs who not only saved much of the Greek literature by translating it into Arabic but also enriched the medicine

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Sikkim – Land Of Monasteries

Sikkim – a small state in northwest India is bestowed with unique beauty, dotted with its lush green and undisturbed valleys, peaceful, total sanitation, five climatic zones, environment friendly, hospitable & smiling people and a rich cultural heritage. Its unparalleled

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Wellness Tourism

Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It goes beyond mere freedom from disease or infirmity and emphasizes the proactive maintenance and improvement of health and well-being. Wellness incorporates attitudes and activities that prevent disease, improve

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Dip into Mesmerising Beauty of the North East

If you are looking to stay amidst undulating hills and enjoy the warmth and placidity of plains, which are luxuriantly covered with trees then you must visit the Seven Sister states in the North East. These states—Assam, Meghalya, Arunachal Pradesh,

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Sri Lanka: A Perfect Getaway

Sri Lanka is known as ‘Wonder of Asia’ and no doubt it is a paradise for those looking for peace, tranquility, unspoiled nature and friendly locals. After decades of unrest the island in the northern Indian Ocean has emerged as

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