• Fibers: Diet high in whole grains and other fiber-rich foods that provide lasting energy throughout the day. Fiber helps maintain a toned digestivetract by providing bulk which helps toxins and excesses to be evacuated easily. When the intestines are regularly cleaned, the body does not become overloaded with undigested material that would otherwise seek elimination through the skin and hence a burden to the body.
  • Low Fat: Low in fat diet keeps the blood clean, prevents clogging and helps the circulatory system working efficiently which in turn nourishes the whole human system, and naturally keeps the weight controlled. On the contrary a diet rich in saturated fats leads to clogging up of veins, arteries, and organs which are obviously injurious to health.
  • Diet low in refined sugars: Refined carbohydrates are empty calories which only serve to pack on the weight. They give the body a quick boost of energy that is always followed by a physical (andemotional) lowness. This stresses the pancreas and adrenals hence devitalizing the body. Refined carbohydrates deplete the body of minerals which are essential for all its vital functions. It is thecombination of refined carbohydrates and excess protein which forces toxins to the skin surface in theform of pimples.
  • Minerals : Diet high in minerals keeps the body looking alive andcharged with energy.Minerals greatly contribute to that intangible radiance, freshness, and magnetic look of a person, reflecting good health.
  • Intake of food low in animal proteins & rich in vegetable proteins: Low protein diets weaken the body and cause a hollow, sunken lookto the face. Diets high in animal proteins raise the toxicity by increasing the waste products in the body due to their slow transit time (It takes meat about three days to be completely digested and expelled from the system). This slows digestion and depletes the body ofminerals. Vegetable proteins, on the other hand, fully nourish the body, being quickly and efficiently metabolized. At the same time, not everyone would want to take only vegetarian food. Thus, Ayurvedahas the means of making meats more digestible with spices such as garlic, ginger, cumin, cayenne, and black pepper.
  • Low intake of salt: Diets high in salt tend to make the mind and body stiff and tight. Having a constricting influence on the body, ittends to slow circulation and create retention of fluid in the body.This gives a puffy look and areas under the eyes appear to be sunken. InAyurveda, a very low salt diet is suggested in some skin problems.
  • Absence of strong stimulants or depressives: Stimulants such as coffee, sodas, or alcohol. These stress the body’s organs and make skin loose and flabby, furrow the brow and swelling under the eyes in the long run.


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