Musk Melon

To protect our health, nature has created different fruits and vegetables etc. in different seasons and same are sold in market in different seasons. Summer is one of the most horrible seasons with increase of heat in environment

We lose our energy; we perspire a lot due to which there is fluid loss and at the same time body heat increases. Kharburjam (Musk Melon) is one of the perfect fruit for this season. As it helps to maintain the water content of our body, it also helps to regulate heat inside the body and can prevent heat related diseases.

Botanically Kharburjam is called as Curcumis melo and in English it is called as the musk melon and also popularly known as ‘Cantaloupe’. In most of different Indian languages it is called as Kharburjam or Kharbuja. Ayurveda texts like

Madanpal Nighantu and Bhavprakash Nighantu has mentioned about this plant.


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