Himalaya Herbals Enters Guinness Book of World Records – Sets a record for conducting the maximum number of facials

The Himalaya Drug Company, India’s leading herbal health and personal care Company, entered the Guinness World Record “for most people receiving a facial simultaneously”. Himalaya’s Pure Skin Facial has been a continuous endeavor by the brand to engage with college students across the country to educate them about the importance of a regular skin care routine. The brand has established a benchmark with this record. The record was accomplished by completing 286 facials in Mumbai and communicated a strong message on the importance of a healthy skin care routine. As part of the record setting activity, 286 students got a complete facial – starting with a cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine which was followed by a Purifying Neem facial, conducted by 286 professional beauty experts from Mumbai. Himalaya’s Pure Skin Facial is an on-going initiative by the brand to engage with teenagers across the country and create awareness on skin care. Beauty Expert, Veena Desai moderated the activity and interacted with the audience explaining the step-by-step facial routine. The record of 286 facials was certified at Shri Rang Mandir Grounds by Guinness Adjudicator, Ms. Fortuna Burke.

Himalaya reached out to a large number of students in Mumbai to participate in this activity which also got them tweeting about the brand, using the Twitter handle-#PureSkinFacial.

The Himalaya Drug Company was formed in 1930 by Mr. M. Manal with a vision to bring Ayurveda to society in a contemporary form. Himalaya’s product portfolio consists of over 240 herbal healthcare, personal care and animal health products. Cutting-edge technology is employed at Himalaya to create pharmaceutical-grade herbal formulations. Today 81 years later, Himalaya’s products have found remarkable acceptance with over 400,000 doctors around the globe and consumers in over 90 countries.

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