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If you are a seeker, avid reader,explorer or barefoot nature lover

YASHWANT VYAS the Founder editor in chief of the project – AYURVED SUTRA, is a
well known author, journalist, media critic, consultant, designer and columnist
having more than twenty five years experience in print and related media. He has
been associated with prestigious news groups. As editor, he had been heading an
Indian multilingual portal group in 90’s and three prestigious national
newspapers. Besides regular columns in print Yashwant vyas has published more
than ten books, written scripts, translated and edited works. Khwab ke Do Din,
Comrade Godse and Chintaghar (Novels), Amitabh ka A (Brand analysis of Amitabh
Bachchan – the legend), Apne Girebaan Men (Research on Hindi print media) and Ab
Tak 56 (collection of satires) are his known works. His latest book ‘HIT UPDESH:
The book of razor management for employees only’ was a big hit. He was awarded a
national journalism fellowship to research on changing face of vernacular press.
He created first Hindi-Gujarati new age magazine- AHA! ZINDAGI ,for a largest
circulated multi-edition newspaper group DB Corp.He is co-founder of Antara
Infomedia, a venture dedicated to the media for greater good and is working on
“JALEBI -the sweet puzzles” (a special project for teenagers) and Ayurved Sutra
for international audience .He is also working on a special project to create a
bridge between senior citizens and new generation. For that he has constituted
GULLUCK (generations unite for love, life, culture and knowledge.)He is behind
the Indian Literary, to be launched soon as the first website in its
genre.Yashwant Vyas, also, has been consultant to several publishers including
Rajkamal Group, the most prestigious Indian Literature Publisher.He has a
special association with one of the most reputed media group Amar ujala , which
has 18 editions in north India with a huge circulation. As Group advisor to Amar
Ujala he launched several new projects, revamped the newspaper content and
design.He writes, edits, make strategies and create something new and unique
with each and every assignment. Eastern wisdom and rational modern approach with
simplicity of a basic human being is his life force ….And he is a restless
soul, has an intuition with strange new ideas, seems impractical, makes feel
uncomfortable & wants to change the status quo.

On behalf of Ayurved Sutra Team he invites you to be a co-traveller ….

If you are a seeker,
avid reader,explorer or barefoot
nature loverShare experiencesand informations, be a part of special
community, form Mandala, be a regular subscriber or simply
spread your words and wings….
If you are an expert, researcher,author or publisher
Please write for Ayurved
Sutra, R&D in the area of holistic living and
excerpts…. and send recent publications to be reviewed
If you are a vaidya,
healer or running a centre or vaidyashalaWrite on the great aspects of ayurvedic science and
traditions, send details about your centre to cover it for
Ayurved sutra or join the panel to answer reader’s queries.
If you are a
company, media solution master or communicatorWe do profiles of
institutions and personalities who giving their best to the
eastern wisdom of Ayurveda,new products,researches , events and
directories are regular feature..
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