Karnataka’s AYUSH dept facing acute shortage of qualified manpower

Karnataka department of AYUSH has been hit by paucity of the required qualified staff to man its existing infrastructure including hospitals and colleges. The estimated shortage is pegged at 50 per cent for teaching staff in the six colleges — three in Ayurveda, and one each in unani, homoeopathy and nature cure. The department is also facing shortage of drug inspectors.

Over the past three years, the AYUSH department has grown and now we need the qualified personnel to man these facilities. Going by the importance given to alternative medicines, AYUSH department is now keen to nurture talent. In the past few years, they have opened new hospitals where they need to overcome the shortage of 160 doctors. There are 280 government college seats for Bachelors of Ayurveda Medical Sciences (BAMS). In the postgraduate category, there are only 133 are government quota allocation out of 332 seats in Ayurveda and homoeopathy.

The state has 171 Ayurveda companies, two units manufacturing unani and 10 homoeopathy companies engaged in the production of medicines. Now there is the issue of the government’s Article 371 addressing reservations which needs to be sorted. Under this, the government has a reservation quota within the Karnataka-Hyderabad area and outside this region.

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