Powers of Ayush DC handed over to state drugs control (allopathy) dept in Kerala

The government of Kerala has taken away the powers of Ayurveda drugs controller and handed over the same to the state drugs controller (allopathy), reports pharmabiz.com.
Industry sources allege that lack of formation of an exclusive department, with a director on top for enforcement purpose (drugs control administration), is posing a big challenge to the objectives of the Ayush department.

According to the website, Government of Kerala constituted separate Department for Ayush on June 18, 2015 by delinking ‘Ayush wing’ from the Health & Family Welfare Department.The Ayush department must consist of three separate independent departments such as Department of Indian Systems of Medicines, Department of Medical Education and Department of Drugs Control Administration. Each of these wings should also come under separate directors.

Sources from government said, with no independent drugs control administration (DCA) under ayush, managed either by a director or drugs controller, the health department’s new entity, Department of Ayush, is not functioning in full swing. Besides, lack of an independent DCA under ayush will not fetch the desired result of the government for a smooth functioning of the Ayurveda sector.

As per information from government sources, soon after the formation of ayush department in 2015, the government had set up separate departments for ISM and Medical Education within the Ayush. But, formation of the drugs control wing of ayush was set aside and not delinked it from the control of the state drugs controller (allopathy). Instead, post of a deputy drugs controller was created and a senior professor from the Ayurveda college in Thiruvananthapuram was appointed in-charge drugs controller and assigned the power to issue licenses (SLA).

Meanwhile, sources from government said a senior drug inspector in the Ayurveda department will be given charge of SLA because the allopathy DC cannot issue licences. But, according to experts, government cannot assign a drug inspector, with mere five years experience, for the post of SLA as the licences are issued either by Assistant Drugs Controllers or by Deputy Drugs Controllers.

In the department of Ayurvda in Kerala, there is only one officer in the rank of Deputy Drugs Controller who was assuming the powers of SLA and in-charge DC till six months ago.

( Source : pharmabiz.com)

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