Quality is a must to prove efficiency of Ayurvedic medicines

Proactive role by Ayurvedic medicine practitioners and a little caution by the consumers can play a vital role in putting an end to the prevailing suspicion in mind of scientists and western medicine practitioners about the quality, safety and efficacy of Ayurvedic medicines. Good Manufacturing Procedure (GMP) certification and Quality Control of India (QCI) certified AYUSH premium and standard Ayurvedic medicines should be prescribed by the practitioners and consumers should also ensure that they get genuine medicines.

There are as many as 190 Ayurvedic medicines that are GMP certified and available in the market. It will be in the benefit of both the doctors and the patients to go for these medicines, instead of uncertified similar compositions. Recent researches in India and abroad are corroborating the genuineness of these medicines and age old fundamentals of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics. Regional coordinator, Pharmacovigilance of Ayurvedic medicines, northern, Anand Chaudhary, who is also a professor of Rasa Shastra (Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics), faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University (BHU),  recently presented a paper on ‘Safety Issues of Ayurvedic Medicine’ during the International Conference on Multidisciplinary Healthcare, organized by All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS), New Delhi.

The proposed ban on business of mercury was also discussed at the conference in the light of a paper published in a reputed journal of US in 2013 recognizing Indian technology of converting mercury to form a medicine. Following this and some other publications in India, the government had formed a working group in collaboration with the department of AYUSH and department of environment to look into the matter.

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