Plants of Arogyashram & their healing powers

Utilising plants for health care has been an integral part of Indian culture, which dates back to 5000 years. Plants are now yielding their secrets and finding important roles in modern medicine. About 8000 herbal remedies have been codified in Ayurveda, which is in use in many dispensaries today. Scientific validation of traditional medicinal knowledge through systematic investigation is the need of the day.

In Ayurveda, disease is considered as a state of imbalance in one or more of a person’s doshas. The book provides complete details of Common Names, Habitat, Constituents, Action, Preparation, Therapeutic and other uses, etc. of 214 plants have been described along with their photographs for the benefit of the readers. Medical terms and Botanical terms have been given in a systematic way for the easy understanding of a layman even.

The book is a wonderful result of 50 years of association with Sadvaidyashala and its associated Arogashram, a mini Bio-sphere at Nanjangud. It deals with the wealth of our medicinal plants- “Sashya Shyamala”, Wealth of Plants. The author has done credit and justice to his father Late Shri B.V.Pandit, who was a renowned Ayurveda Vidwan, with the book that deals with details of the usefulness and application of the medicinal plants in the wonderful herbal garden ‘Arogyashram’. Rare and most useful details of plants as medicines for serious illness (such as Bhunimba, superior to Quinine, given for Malaria and Sitaphal applied with salt for malignant tumours) have been mentioned.


_Ayurvedsutra - Vol 2 Issue 342 copy

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