Future’s Wellness Model

It is hard to imagine that a healing system from such an ancient time would be applicable today. It surprises many to learn that Ayurveda includes every aspect of medicine we know of today: embryology, pre- and post-natal care, pediatrics, gerontology, medicine specific for women and men at all ages, psychiatry, surgery, spiritual issues, and so on. In the Ambrosia Heart Tantra or Gyud Zhi, Yutok Yonten Gonpo placed recommendations and treatments for all ages and conditions within four general categories or levels. In sequence, these levels range from least to most invasive, the idea being that we start simple and go deeper if the condition and suffering of the being demands a deeper level of attention. Of. Particular interest to the spa therapist are the first two levels, for this is where you will find that you do most of your work.

The first level of medicine taught in the Gyud Zhi has to do with lifestyle changes: diet, exercise, quality relaxation and rest, and hygiene. According to Tibetan Ayurveda, roughly ninety-five percent of the symptoms of distress and dis-ease that we experience would be eliminated if we were to just make lifestyle changes that were more in keeping with our particular constitution (prakruti in Sanskrit and rang-zhin in Tibetan) and our current condition.


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