The first book I wrote is called Brahma’s Hair and it was about mythologies around Indian plants. How much of mythology is simply story and how much true fascinates me.

There are about a 100 recognised breeds of cats. Most of them are just mutations of the original species. The original breeds have legends that are truly interesting.

The Birman is a revered cat breed from Burma. The temple of the golden image of Goddess Tsun Kyan-Kse was attended by the Kittahs or monks of whom the head, Mun-Ha, always meditated in front of the Goddess. Accompanying him in his meditation was Sinh, the white cat. One night Mun-Ha was killed by Siamese invaders as he meditated. Sinh placed his pas on the monk’s robes. Facing the Goddess, Sinh’s fur become as golden as the statue and his eyes become the beautiful sapphire of the Goddess. His legs, tail, ears and face became a velvety rich brown. His paws become white.


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