Self Sourcing : Dwelling in the world of infinite possibilities

Self-sourcing takes place in the absolute silence of the gap between two thoughts — the preceding thought has collapsed and vanished, and the succeeding one is yet to be created. In the gap between the two is the field of infinite possibilities. Meditation is a technique which widens this gap.

Reaction Closes the Gap and Separates You From the Source
The unity of Being manifests through multitudes of diversified forms of physical, mental and emotional actions. But in reaction, your self-image, which has separated from the source, manifests. Habitual, instant reaction happens in the form of feeling, mind chatter, speech and acting. It occurs within the belief of who you are. All reactions, whether mental dialogue, verbal expression, or emotional action, occur as a coping mechanism. They extend unresolved fears of the past into the present. It is a defence against current possibilities, or fear of the unknown future. Your self-image reacting to an event is a denial of the opening that reality provides.


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