The new government needs to have an R & D cell. India’s research and development is possibly the worst in the world. We employ tired and imaginationless bureaucrats to solve problems using technology that is completely outdated. We refuse to encourage or pay for inventions that are made by villagers to solve local problems. We have a sleepy patent office that is so complicated that no one approaches it. Our ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) writes a few papers on some new way of doing things and then buries the papers in its own offices.

National Innovation Foundation run by Professor Anil Gupta (of IIM, Ahmedabad) looks for new inventions all the time and gets the innovators rewarded with prizes and patents.

I spoke to him during the election. I am desperately looking for new ways in which I can make the villagers of my constituency earn money while in their villages. The time has passed for me to look for new factories – Uttar Pradesh has neither the political will, the electricity or the infrastructure to attract investors. So I want to use the agriculture base of my area to invent new things.


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