Love your Inner Child

Love is a verb – it needs to be manifested in action not just contemplated intellectually. You cannot learn to Love yourself – or be capable of having healthier relationships – without taking action to change your core/ foundation relationship with self and life into one that is more aligned with love.

A child is full of Love, A child is full of wonder, A child knows no boundaries, A child follows no conventions, A child need only Love, A child knows how to trust from his core being, A child is creative, A child is playful and always joyous… Even the highest saint carries only a few of these qualities and is considered to be closed to god. No wonder Children are thus God themselves.

Each of us has once been a child and we still carry that little child within, who is somewhere there, hidden scared, and ignored. He dares to sneak-out amongst true friends and sometimes when flipping through a favourite comic series or watching TV. You can hear him sing & play when amongst other small children.


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