Think of your mind as a lake

Try meditating every day for at least fifteen minutes (half an hour would be even better). Usually, the best time for meditation will be directly after your practice of yoga postures.

Meditation is to religion what the laboratory is to physics or chemistry. Whether one follows the outward forms of religion depends more or less on personal taste, but whether one seeks in his life some of religion’s practical, inner benefits is a matter of life or living death. The reason religion persists in spite of the general worldliness of man is not that a few otherworldly types keep fanning the dying embers, but rather that all human life would be insufferable without at least some of the inner peace that religion offers. The essence of religion is not its ceremonies, nor even its talk of a life hereafter, but its emphasis on an inner life here and now, and on the lasting peace that accompanies this inner life once it is discovered. The true purpose of religion is to point out that human existence on every level is empty when only emptiness is affirmed, and when inner awareness is allowed to become nothing more than an echo of the world, offering nothing creatively to the world in return.



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