Emotios wounded

From an Ayurvedic perspective, emotional ill-health is caused by lack of coordination between an individual’s senses, emotions and thoughts. In the Ayurvedic view, the heart and mind are intimately connected. When that connection gets weakened, problems arise. And heart, is considered as the seat of consciousness.

In Ayurveda, the inability to process emotions in a timely manner is seen as the main cause of emotional imbalances. So the stress is on efficiently processing emotions.

Occasional low moods can take many different forms like frequent feelings of anxiousness or emptiness, loss of interest and pleasure in activities, fatigue, irritability, social withdrawal, family conflict, sad or simply emotionally bogged down, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, weight gain, pessimism and poor concentration.

Chance of seasons and incidents like divorce, financial crisis, illness, death of a loved one, or stressful events also lead to mood swings.

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