Journey To Enlightenment

Light is always present. Until you awaken to the brightness that shines, it is not lit. If it is not apparent to you, then it cannot be seen by anyone else. What good is Light if it is in a closed room? If your illumination remains on the inside, how will it Light up the world? You may say, “If there really is nothing ‘out there’, what need is there to Light up the world?

The world is your reflection. It exists as a means to gauge your inner world. Because you have eyes that see outward, you are unable to see what is inside. The world is a projection screen, always displaying what is within the projector.

Illumination happens when you have not only released the small ‘i’ but also the larger ‘I’. It identifies with no thing. It is pure Light. The Illuminated One has reached the enlightened God state in full knowing, in words, beyond words, and even in the space between the words. Here lies pure truth. The Illumined One just IS.

These Ones of Light are no longer just living; rather, they embody aliveness. They have moved from form to formlessness. They venture beyond space and time, into timelessness. They have released their bounds and boundaries to experience boundlessness. They have transcended all longing into belonging. Illumination is the divinely inspired embrace of itself: Light Being.


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