Agnihotra for Healing

Amidst the fascinating achievements of the modern era of science and technology in improving our comfort levels, stress and pollution have posed the major challenges for our well-being. The world is beginning to realize that the comforts provided to us by modern science and technology do not necessarily always make life happier. In fact, apart from stress and tension, more and more unknown diseases, untold anxiety and fear are caused by the highly polluted environment and ecological imbalances. This has raised alarm bells for rethinking and changing the lifestyle and mode of healthy management. Yagya appears to be a godsend gift of the ancient Indian sciences for achieving this purpose. In this article, Dr. Pranav Pandya of GAYATRI PARIWAR, SHANTI KUNJ, highlights possible medicinal applications of Yagya in terms of some recently reported research findings.

The Brahmvarchas Research Centre was established by PanditShriram Sharma Acharya in 1979. It is situated on the Saptsarover road, about 6 km from Hardwar railway station in the direction of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. This centre is actively working for the integration of the modern and ancient sciences. Innovative scientific research work is being carried out here in the science of spirituality. It has a dedicated team of scientists, doctors and engineers and scholars of high calibre and well-equipped laboratories for research in different scientific disciplines, including neurology, biochemistry, haemetology, phytochemistry and sound therapy etc.The other attraction of the centre is collection of about 450 herbs, including some rare species of the Himalayan herbs, and the Yagyopathy lab.


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