Treatment of psychiatric disorders in Ayurveda

Major psychiatric disorders have been categorically classified under the broad umbrella of Unmada and Apasmara, on the basis of affliction of raja and tama dosha. Unmada and Apsmara in the form of basic and general pathogenesis have been described in Nidana sthana of Charaka Samhita where as various psychiatric disorders have been mentioned in disease form and manifestations in Chikitsa sthana.

Two abode have been mentioned as substratum of the disease in ayurveda namely sharira and manasa.  Among the mentioned diseases psychiatric disorders have not been detailed  owing to all pervading nature of mental afflictions.  Ayurveda describes one entity which mutually is consisted of sharira and manas  and hence consideration of purely somatic or purely psychological diseases does not tally with ayurveda principles. Purely psychological disorders come under the domain of yoga practitioners where as purely somatic diseases come under the area of dhanurvedovid. In ayurveda each and every disease entity has its psychological and physical domain.


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