Vriksha Ayurveda the ancient science of plant life

Vrikshayurveda advocates a holistic crop management system and deals with various species of trees and their healthy growth and productivity.

Trees are one of the most prolific and potent sources of our well being. In fact the modern-day medical and general science borrows heavily from vriksha ayurveda, the discipline which deals with various species of trees and their healthy growth and productivity. The ancient texts are full of descriptions about treatment through herbs, which is unique, harmless and very beneficial for humans, animals and plants. As life depended on agriculture, field and storage pests were controlled without using any chemical. In fact, some of the best works done in the ancient Egypt is difficult to be produced today with all the modern day facilities available on hand. The Egyptians used a concoction of herbs, with each of their properties well studied, for restoring human bodies for 2000 years without decay. It is difficult to forecast whether the modern technology would leave any trace of existence 2000 years from now. Vriksha ayurveda touched new heights and produced wonders when they grew mango fruit on a banana plant. The microorganisms existed then but our ancestors worked on the basic elements. According to them, though there was no definition the theory was that when one added two or more elements, a new characteristic and action for the product was created.

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